Custom Creations
mala bracelet with Hematite and Garnet

Over the years, I've worked with many clients to develop unique items that had their own combination of healing properties. This co-creation is quite possibly my favourite part of this business. In the process, I am trusted with stories of courage, strength and perseverance. I get to hear how people have struggled and overcome incredible challenges. I hear the love and compassion of my clients for their daughters, brothers, friends and their heartfelt wish to support these people they love. I'm reminded that there are so many good, strong people in this world and that makes me incredibly happy. 

Whether you use your mala and bracelets as tools for meditation or because they look great with an outfit, these creations are personal items. They are a reflection of who you are, where you have been and where you are going.  Should you wish to create a truly unique item for yourself, or for a loved one, I would be pleased to share my knowledge of stones and co-create with you.

Please note that an additional, non-refundable charge of $10 for bracelets, pocket malas and earrings and $30 for malas may apply to custom creations.

Shades of White Stone


I have purchased numerous custom made bracelets from Julie for myself and to give as gifts as well as a custom made Mala to support me as I transitioned to retirement and the "new me".  


Each experience has been wonderful; Julie takes the time to listen and "feel" what the client is looking for.  Her knowledge of the stones and their properties and intuitive wisdom of what is needed 'in the moment' enabled her to create many beautiful and pertinent pieces for me. 


I wear some of my bracelets every day, choosing based on the support and energy that I need. I love them all.  My Mala,  I wear for my mindfulness and gratitude practices and whenever I feel like being nurtured by its beauty and energy. It so perfectly supports who I am and where I want to grow.  


Each piece is made with love and care.  Thank you Julie for creating them and for your sweet and beautiful customer service.  

-Cindy M., Bourget, Ontario

I was so excited to get my new mala from In Balance Jewelry. This is my third mala from Julie and I have also been beyond impressed with the quality of the work that gets put into them. Julie takes the time to discuss with you what you want your mala to represent/guide you through. She uses her stone knowledge when stringing your mala to ensure that they will be the perfect combination - not just aesthetically but also ensuring the stone combinations will benefit the new owner - I have and will continue to highly recommend In Balance Jewelry to all of our friends and family.

-Mandy J., Nepean, Ontario

To begin your custom creation, you can contact me using the form below.