About Stones

Stones and crystals are said to carry healing properties. To hold a stone and feel it warm in your hands can bring a feeling of calm or courage or peace.  It would be impossible to detail the properties of all stones here or explain how two or three may complement each another.

The following are brief highlights of some of the stones we work with at In Balance Jewelry.  We would be happy to discuss stones and crystals with you.

Agate: balances, calms, increases self-confidence and access to one's true self

Amethyst: protects, calms and centres

Aventurine: brings prosperity, perseverance and support during change

Garnet: brings courage, energizes and dissipates self-sabotage

Hematite: grounds and dissolves negativity, increases willpower and self-esteem

Howlite: calms emotions and problematic thoughts and helps with insomnia

Picture Jasper: nurtures, comforts and lessens fear

Mookaite Jasper: comforts, heals and enhances the desire for new experiences

Labradorite: deflects negative energies and instills trust in oneself and in the universe

Black Obsidian: enhances creativity and brings forth the true self by working through challenges

Snowflake Obsidian: balances and helps to release that which no longer serves

Onyx: strength-giving and increases self-confidence

Clear Quartz: heals and balances energies

Rose Quartz: encourages love, peace and healing

Smoky Quartz: protects, calms and lifts mood and dissolves negativity

Serpentine: cleanses, detoxifies and balances body, mind and spirit

Tiger's Eye: protects and helps one to become in touch with their worth and true needs